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Sirpa Heponiemi

Sirpa Heponiemi



I graduated as an industrial designer 2010 from North Carelian Polytechnic. Design studies included study periods also in United Kingdom and France. I have done graphic designing and worked as a healthcare professional. Despite I have painted for over 15 years, this is the first time exhibiting my art.
Our experiences affect us all. My life changed dramatically when a rare disease temporarily deprived me of the ability to paint, to use my hands. Now being able to create is truly a joy and I hope you can feel the love for life from my work!
With my art I tell stories and emotions within them. Dreams, joy, sadness, hopes, in short, I think life is reflected from my art. It is not monotonous, it changes and surprises, for the only thing that is per-manent in life, is change. Poems I write often intertwine with my art.
I start my paintings with sketching or just with colours. But every time with passion. I usually use acrylic colours and with them ink, pencils, charcoals, or markers.
My art is filled with emotions; it is saying live now, feel this moment as it is. Love yourself.
With my art I want to meet the needs people have in this time. The hectic life needs moments to stop, experience and allow space to breathe. With art it is safe to focus on reflecting feelings. Art experiences develop the ability to consider our own feelings and thereby increases well-being.


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