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El otoño
Eyes of the Moon

El otoño



Title: El otoño
Year Completed: 2021
Size: 60 x 90 cm
Technical: Oil on canvas

“This work belongs to the series of seasons. The seasons themselves is a theme that holds a lot of symbolism regarding the cycle of life, the passage of time, the ephemeral, etc. I have always liked to introduce symbols in my works, which is why the theme of the sea-sons is one of my favorites. Unlike other paintings, Autumn Embodied as a Woman does not look at the viewer but remains self-absorbed. I believe that autumn is a season in which the leaves fall, but it does not mean that it is the end of life, since this fall is necessary so that other new leaves can reappear. What I mean by this is that, if we look at it from a more personal point of view, we can be reborn as a new person, even being the same, if we look within. The answer is in ourselves. We have always been taught to look for happiness in objects foreign to our being, instead of looking inward and seeing that we are already happy, and that from there we can start to give love and gratitude to others with the motive of being able to convey that happiness. That against more happiness you distribute in the world, more happiness is returned to you. It is for this reason that the girl puts her hands towards her chest and is embodied in a personal embrace, leaving evidence of her love for herself and her vision towards the interior. Finally, highlight a detail, and that is that the young woman wears some ornamental flowers in her hair, these are like metal brooches that allude to the fact that no matter how much time passes, and the leaves fall, the flower of life will always remain forever. those who know how to look in-side because the soul is eternal and never ages”.

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