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Contemporary art painter, fabric art, felted art maker. Born 1956 in Gent (Belgium), works and lives nearby Antwerp. Ludwina aka Linayo graduated with a degree in Family Sciences. Primarily self taught, she began experimenting with oil painting at the local Fine Art School in Flanders. Her love for new adventures and for teaching leaded her to teaching art classes in nuno-felt and encaustic.

Linayo is a multidisciplinary artist. Her practice combines nuno-felt making, installations, oil painting and digitalmedia. She loves to create experimental multimedia collages, paintings and digital art. As a multi media artist she is drawn to the textures and the layers of reality that seem to be around us in this more and more fractal society. Her work reflects the potential empowerment of the individual in all spheres depicted by many layers of colors and texture. Fractal patterns are all around us, exhibited by human social organisation, works of art, music as well as by nature. Linayo defines her style by blending different materials in layers. Reflecting the unfolding possibilities of all that is and all that is thinkable. Linayo believes art is to be lived with, to be experienced. Her work is inspired by emotions. Emotions of the environment and emotions of everyday life.

September 2014 Alden Biesen, Belgium
November 2014 Oud Sint Jans Hospitaal, Brugge
Oktober 2016 Rivierenhof Antwerpen
Juli 2017, Kasteel Beveren
September 2017, Alden Biesen
November 2018 - februari 2019: Galerij Linayo Ezelstraat 62, Brugge
June 2021 Galerij Rivierenhof Antwerpen


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