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The world runs behind you
Rim R. Elias

The world runs behind you



Title: The world runs behind you
Year Completed: 2016
Size: 29,7x42 cm
Technical: Collage, Watercolors, and Ink

“What I want to say by painting Land spreading on water is that we always get chances in life, which we do not always use. Sometimes we do not even recognize this is our chance. One must learn to be open minded and flexible in acting and thinking to deserve what life offers. Life is both good and bad to us. The world could be cruel to you sometimes. Walls symbolize everything we trust, and we rely on in such times. The sunset is calmness and serenity which I always think of and look for when I need a break from this noisy life. I just ask life to shut up and give me my peace for a few moments.”

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