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Street-Trask, Givraltar and Kôln are works with a digital purpose, emerging from several techniques, inspired and designed so that the eye of the observer wanders at will in every nook and cranny of the image, and finds in him the right feeling he feels in front of his emotion. These are free images, and in my conception of freedom, I compare this to the look of a person who does not attribute importance to the look of others but, on the contrary, attributes importance to his own vision of seeing the world and finds himself facing his own emotions. Lines, colors, themes and styles, can confuse the mind and the eyes, but they soon agree on what they really want to feel or see. I place myself in an optimal condition in relation to those who love my creativity. I must always be at play with myself and with those who support me, it is a necessity in my creative process. Street -Strak: Diasec Authentic 120x120 cm Givraltar: Diasec Authentic 90x120 cm Kôln: Diasec Authentic 100x80 cm The Diasec is a patent for a method of digital image preservation. There are only a few licensees in Europe. The patented Diasec® method is the only one capable of offering an image a color fastness guarantee of more than 100 years. The image side of the original adheres chemically to the back of a transparent Plexiglas. The adhesion is achieved without glue by the chemical reaction between two liquid components. The Plexiglas on the front side filters out ultraviolet rays, thus preventing discoloration of the print. To avoid any transparency of the print, a black tinted Plexiglas is glued on the back side. The edges are polished with an ultra-glossy finish, which favors the lateral incidence of more light and brings out more intensely the details of the image and the contrast of its colors. These polished edges also provide a superior visual finish. Artist: Kefka

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