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Gaia: The Mother and the Sea
Nicolas Durocher-Yvon

Gaia: The Mother and the Sea



Title: Gaia: The Mother and the Sea Medium: Charcoal, pastel, acrylic and gold leaf on Fabriano Dimensions: 110 x 86 cm Artist’s Statement “Gaia: The Mother and the Sea” 2021 This artwork is a metaphorical depiction of Gaia and ‘her’ role as the goddess of Earth. In this piece the ape figure is significant of Gaia in the sense that it emanates a powerful, yet wise being. The baby which is cradled in the arms is symbolic of the eternal youth of the ocean, as it is unpredictable yet calm, old yet forever permanent in its form. The baby drinks from the teat of the figure alluding to the sense of Gaia nourishing her own oceans, which it will forever hold. This artwork therefore signifies the relationship between the Earth and its oceans. The irony of this work being that the ocean is depicted in human form, the very entity which is poisoning her on a daily basis Artist: Nicolas Durocher-Yvon

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