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Portal to Peace: Draconian Stargate
L. Dolphin Brown

Portal to Peace: Draconian Stargate



Title: Portal to Peace: Draconian Stargate
Year: 2022
Size: 24” video screen
Technique: Video

I believe that an important part of our existence is to release anything that no longer serves us. This includes societal pressures, the urge to keep busy with unnecessary noise, and the clinging to things that have kept us stuck in old patterns of thinking and doing. We can learn to release stagnant energy with joy. I have been meditating with different star energy for several years, and the Portals to Peace: Stargate series is my reflection of how that energy can help us move into a new level of consciousness and existence. These works were created to help us “activate” our connection to the universe around us so that we can make advancements in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual existence, allowing us to shine like a magnificent beacon of light, ready to propel humanity into a Golden Age of creativity, love, inspiration, and healing.

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