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L. Dolphin Brown
Digital Artist

L. Dolphin Brown

Digital Artist


Dolphin's journey with video creation began in the 8th grade purely by accident, when she took tv news as an elective. She soon discovered that being in front of the camera was intimidating, but she loved working behind the scenes. After being accepted into the Media program at the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, TX, Dolphin went on to complete her BFA in Video Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design. While there, Dolphin had the opportunity to liaise with renowned video artist Dara Birnbaum. That opportunity set her on the path to creating the first multi-channel video installation at the college and began a new phase of her artistic development.

Dolphin began creating non-narrative shorts that were more about feeling than a clear storyline. She experimented with video as texture, color, and mood rather than clear images. The more she experimented, the more she wanted to take video art in new and un-thought-of directions. Eventually, Dolphin found her voice by creating meditative, textural abstracts which open the mind to new ways of seeing and thinking; a moment where you can breathe deeply and experience magic. Her art is a call to transcend beyond the moment and dive below the surface; to immerse ourselves in new worlds of possibilities.

Art should, in her opinion, always push the boundaries of its "technology". Dolphin has always believed that video art can and should defy conventional "television" restrictions. She loves building unique multi-screen layouts, collaging together moving images into deeply layered visuals, and intermingling distinct audio streams into mesmerizing sound-tracks. She turns everyday video into abstract works of art that envelop us in a world of sounds and visuals; art that goes beyond the canvas and brings us fully into a different reality that only a multi-sensory experience can.

"The entire artistic journey of Dolphin Brown, an American contemporary video artist, is deeply connected to a spiritual path. Her most recent project "Elemental Reflections" aims to explore the profound impact that the four elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water - have on our daily lives and on our journey of self-discovery. This artistic series combines the wisdom of earthbound spirituality with the elemental forces, offering a path to connect us with our inner self. With this series, the artist seeks to illustrate how the four elements are intricately intertwined with our existence and to explore how we can tap into their power to guide us on our journey of self-discovery. It encourages the viewer to explore how embracing the qualities of each element can enhance their personal growth, intuition and connection to the world around them. "Elemental Reflections' wants to remind us that the power of the elements is not only present in the natural world around us, but also within us. The artist invites us to embark on a journey of personal exploration, embracing the guidance and wisdom of the four elements as we travel the path to self-discovery and inner fulfillment. Through this reflection on the elements, we are encouraged to explore how Earth offers us stability and solid roots, how Air inspires us and brings us mental clarity, how Fire gives us passion for transformation, and how Water teaches us to adapt and flow with life. This awareness allows us to develop a deeper connection with ourselves and our surroundings. In summary, 'Elemental Reflections' invites the viewer to reflect on the four elements and how they influence our lives. It encourages us to explore the inner power of these elements and to embrace their guidance in our journey of self-discovery and personal growth."

Art curator Francesca Brunello


June 2023 - The Place of Memory CISTA Arts Gallery Online
April 2023 - RGB Sky M.A.D.S. Art Gallery Milan, Italy; Fuerteventura, Spain &
March 2023 - Artoxic M.A.D.S. Art Gallery Milan, Italy; Fuerteventura, Spain &
February 2023 - Interferences M.A.D.S. Art Gallery Milan, Italy; Fuerteventura, Spain &
February 2023 - Digital Directions Maryland Fine Arts Circle Gallery Annapolis, Maryland, US
December 2022 - Braincake Casa Milá/La Pedrera Barcelona, Spain M.A.D.S. Art Gallery
December 2022 - Blockchain for Social Good On Chain Good Virtual Gallery Miami Basell Art Week. 2022 Miami, Florida, US
July 2022 - Visceral M.A.D.S. Art Gallery Milan, Italy; Fuerteventura, Spain &
January 2022 - Identity & Elements Paradox Arts Studio Austin. Texas. US
December 2021 - Winter Showcase Conception Arts Gallery Online
August 2021 - Fall Showcase Featured Artist Paradox Arts Studio Austin, Texas, US
February 2021 - New Beginnings The Artists Circle Gallery Online
January 2021 - Pearl Envision Arts Gallery Online
October 2020 - Unseen Simultan Arts Festival Timisoara, Romania
August 2020 - ETERNITY: Free and Open Your Mind SuPer Art Modern Museum (SPAMM) Limoge, France & online
December 2019 - The Wake Up! Memorial - Corona! Shutdown? NetEx The New Museum of Networked Art Berlin, Germany & online


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