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Year: 2022
Size: 83 x 100.5 cm / 32.6” x 39.5”

“The most interesting works of Art are the ones we keep for ourselves. "

I'm sure you can relate, and now I understand why many Artworks have been shown years after they’re made, the reason is one hundred percent personal. I got 3 of these over the years, the third was recently added to my unshared collection.
Back in June, I started creating a large painting that I poured my soul into perfecting it. It took me all month to finalize the composition and for a a particular reason, it’s now a new member of the ones I keep for myself. For months, I felt confused & eager… I spent weeks looking at it thinking:
What will happen if I share it? What will happen if I don’t?
So, I picked up my brushes and exploded on an innocent, empty canvas that was next to it that I titled (Flabbergasted).
That burnt eager led to this painting & started the Domino effect of what you will see before the end of this year…

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