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A self-taught painter known as Vajjaz, born in August 30th 1988, and raised in middle east - Kuwait.
Started his art journey after a fire incident that burned all his young works from the age of 9 to 16. He continued his work in 2017 going straight to oil pigments and creating his first painting on a canvas he called (Soulkey Shivers).
Never went to college nor studied art instead he focused all his energy to figure out the science of colours and their psychological effects on human emotions.
In 2017 - 2018 Vajjaz got a chance to study Arts in the Netherlands (university of Groningen) but unfortunately it didn’t work out. He remains a self-taught painter making new styles and evolving with every new artwork he produces. In 2019 Vajjaz got accepted in an art gallery as a full job and until now he takes part of every event going on and playing big part in the art movement in his country.
“All my paintings are an absolute biography to my art story and every colour tells you how I felt at that time”.


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