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Songbird on a Parade
Maya Tohme

Songbird on a Parade



Title: Songbird on a Parade
Year: 2015
Size: 130x120 cm
Technique: Acrylics and collaged lace on canvas

“This painting is part of a series where I was experimenting with imprints of different materials, including lace. It is a sort of wink (Clin d’oeil) to the early works of Francisco Goya, where I was fascinated with the delicate rendering of black lace on women’s gowns. This body of work is my own personal modern revisitation of the theme. I liked the contrast created by the light passing through the black lace. There is the idea of disguise, of parading in the sunshine in the most glorious outfit. The human figure is absent , there is only soul (the songbird), which symbolizes joy, expression, poetry, and celebration of life.”

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