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Decolorferoz was born from very baby at some place on the side and leeward of Sistema Cen-tral mountains. And then he grew up. He’s younger in spirit than in fact; and although life gifted him with few moments to dream and even fewer to paint, practicing other occupations did not damage his idealism but allowed him to learn how to transmit concepts and emotions in a comprehensible and enjoyable way, instead. He’s novice and self-educated in arts, which pro-vide his work with the spontaneity of innocence, or even stupidity. Each one of his works tells a complete and different story, both emotional and descriptive, usually critical with a human out-rage, or scientifically instructive. His works are not quiet melodies of an steep time that swims in the astonishment of the comprehensible. They are more like a clear story told in a beautiful way. If sometimes he says that... mistrust of him, maybe he has no more stories to be told.
2020 Joint exhibition Ignacio Zuloaga Museum Foundation Iglesia de Santa María (Pedraza - Segovia) 25 July - 20 September
2021 Virtual joint exhibition 118 artGallery "It reminds me of someone." 26 august - 26 Sep-tember
2021 International joint exhibition Contemporary Art International Fair. Artist Experience. Car-los de Amberes Foundation - Madrid 1 - 5 December
2022 (Coming soon) International joint exhibition OASIS 2022. Osaka international Art Fair. May 2022

Artist Statement
“Mathematics states that something is infinite or not, but nothing can gets bigger to infinity, and nothing already infinite can grows up. It is good to know that there is nothing beyond the current human stupidity. On the other hand, Gödel discovered the following paradox: if we are able to prove that all the propositions in a logical system are true, we don't know all of them. In a similar way, if we know all the propositions of that logical system, one of them, at least, must be false. Science is the most powerful tool to eradicate human stupidity. But what if, finally, sci-ence is not able to solve and exceed that paradox?. What would be our life guide then? Ethics. But ethics is an opinion, and nowbody has the same one. Could be a good approach for man-kind to respect human rights avobe any other human law or belief?”


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