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Inner Longing
Shiona Kasim

Inner Longing



Title: Inner Longing

Year: 2021

Size: 30x40cm

Technique: acrylic paint

It is a piece that tells part of my story. It represents my current mindset. I painted myself as if in a dream. It’s a dream where I see myself in deep waters. It like a void surrounded by inner dark emotions, inner worries and longing. This at times can be quite frightening. If not careful, all would be lost. Then again while feeling hopeless sometimes, I would hear people telling me I'm brave, I'm strong, uses me as an example to follow. I indeed don’t realize it. So, I painted beautiful beta-fishes to portray that. Beta Fishes symbolizes "unlikely warriors". They might be small in size and perhaps appear weak, but can actually fight and work through incredibly difficult situations. I have many things I wish to accomplish in life, it’s a tall order but I want to make it worthwhile even if it means sacrificing somethings in my life.

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