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Renata Athanasio

Renata Athanasio



Born in south of brazil, a lively and colourful country, where mother nature is blessed but life not always fair, I decide to pursue the Architecture in my studies and discovered the unique shapes of Niemeyer, the gardens of Burle Marx, but above all I learned not to be afraid of a white page. By sketching for architecture, I developed the taste for drawings and arts, learning about the great masters like Gaudi, Renzo and Zaha, challenging the shapes, the logic and transforming the spaces in unique sculptures.
While living in Paris, having access to an incredible number of expositions and a diverse pool of museums worked out as a charger for what was coming in my way. Being able to study and practice painting with wonderful artists and now colleagues was an incentive that was missing to accept my true passion as a choice of life.
Once I came to Saudi Arabia, the willingness to share this passion with others made me engage as a painting teacher and share my view of colors and shapes with others. My work got fuelled-up, and like gasoline on fire, my desire to produce new work every day only grows stronger. Today I learned who I am as an artist, and I know what I want to share, those frames are windows to a different space that was initially created in my mind and I hope that people can see through these windows with their own eyes, bringing joy, happiness equilibrium to where they are.

7-10 April 2021 World Art Dubai 2021
27th November to 7th January Online Year End Sale Exhibition 2020 – Art Smiley at Dubai

22 and 25 of March Workshop of Virtual Painting (à la manière Romero Britto) for CE1 of Lycée Français MLF d’al Khobar – Saudi Arabia.


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