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The Thinker - QUASI POETA
Renata Athanasio

The Thinker - QUASI POETA



The Thinker - QUASI POETA
Acrylic painting on canvas 100x120cm (2021)

Inspired by the notorious work of Auguste Rodin. For years the Rodin Museum in the
7eme in Paris was my place to go for a break of my reality. Those gardens used to take me to
another dimension, where I was amazed every time like the 1st time, looking into new angles
and discovering new details. It was for a long time something I wanted to try on a canvas and
finally I dare to do it.
In the process of creation i came across the history of the mathematician Roger
Penrose and I was amazed about the genius and his discovery of a non-symmetric tiling profile
of only 2 pieces in 1971, the Penrose Tilling. The geometric shape of that tilling can fill up the
infinity without any symmetry, although its looks don’t reveal its true characteristics. Even
more interesting is that this discovery has supported the discovery of quasicrystals, a
crystalline structure that has defied the man understanding of the nature, and for years its
existence was denied given the sometimes "impossible" concept of it. The symmetry in
crystals was the rule and the concept of non-symmetric crystals was not accepted, until
proved in 1982.
It couldn't be more adequate to merge the thinker and a Penrose tilling in the same
canvas to represent the power of imagination and reflection.

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