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Kinga Malkus

Kinga Malkus



I was born in Poland in 1973. Even as a child, despite having a limited vocabulary, I was very creative and articulate. My childhood was far from easy, growing up under communism, but I now recognize how well it prepared me for the challenges of life.
It required enormous courage a faith to leave Poland and begin a new adventure in the Netherlands. Ever since then, I have lived and worked here.
I began to meditate while experiencing a new culture and acquiring a new language. This led to intense personal examination and evolution. When something resonates with me, it creates a powerful, harmonious and meaningful depth of feeling within me.
One day, as I meditated, I felt a strong urge to buy a canvas and start painting again, as I had in my childhood. In some ways, this feeling seems more important to me than ever before. It is as if I have reconnected with my inner child, and allowed myself to discover the freedom to journey into unchartered waters.
My art is the creation of all my inner emotions, embracing memoires and imagination. It derives from how I feel each day. I paint from pure intuition, letting the canvas speak to me as I go. I trust in myself, and look to my inner emotions to constantly create something new at every turn.


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