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Tempo liquido
Donato Nitti

Tempo liquido



Title: Tempo liquido
Size: 30cm x 42cm
Technique: watercolor on paper
Years: 2022

The artwork questions the toxicity of artificial intelligence on art. It was created using the artificial intelligence software Deep and Midjourney. The Artificial Intelligence (AI), used only as a tool in the creative process, was chosen to demonstrate how any tool can be useful or harmful, positive or negative, depending on how each individual human uses it. If the artist had faithfully copied the artwork created by the AI, or worse, if they had replaced their own creativity with the exclusive use of artificial intelligence, the latter would have been the death of art. In this case, however, the artist used artificial intelligence to explore new possibilities from which they drew inspiration and ideas for their work. And it is for this reason that AI was able to increase the artist's creativity.

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