Charlotte Kerswill




Title: Human
Year: 2021
Size: 24” x 36”
Technique: Acrylic on canvas, finished with resin.

This piece of artwork took me through two seasons to finish, and with every development of paint, I felt a development of myself. Human isn’t supposed to be simple. Being human is complicated and there are many layers to an individual. The skull represents the shadow side to one’s self, the side that isn’t so easy to see or understand, but present nevertheless. Just like in the physical world, everyone has a shadow which can be seen in bright light, but not so well in dimmer lights. The same concept applies spiritually, everyone carries a shadow which can grow denser the more it’s supressed.
The skull being as visible as the face shows influence on shadow work. The practice of healing and self-growth, getting in touch with the parts of yourself that you’ve repressed, requiring surrender and acceptance on unconscious material that shapes our thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
The reason the skull is that of an animal and not a human is to link back to more primitive animal instincts we have from birth and early childhood, and to represent our roots and where we came from as individuals without the influence from the conscious mind.
The reflection of the resin layer not only allows a strong impact to the viewer but also as a reminder of seeing Human and shadows reflected in you, as you cast eyes upon it.