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Every day opens new doors...
Luca Soulos

Every day opens new doors...



Title: Every day opens new doors... I invite anyone to interpret their ideas into the significance this face may hold for them. I feel this woman is a flame in the wind & reflects a calm but swirl of emotion & thoughts quietly dancing around behind those eyes. Finding balance between both sides, she stares ahead knowing the doors of life, love, passion & choice swing open at any moment in every new day, to either keep or alter her course... the romance of life. While there are many techniques to using watercolour, I enjoy a raw mix, finish & layers, as is life & all of us. Watercolour on paper. Painted in Ibiza, Spain 2021 Size, 14.8 x 21cm To the eye and mind, mixing sight with life, the earth, it's makeup and surroundings are a feast of contrast, interaction, beauty, experiences, emotion and an unlimited scale of possibilities, simple and complex. All apparent or not at the same stroke of time. I live in the colour, the highlights of what fills my imagination and subconscious, things both large and barely noticeable, tasting, living and swimming in thoughts of it all. Living continues to be a twisting adventure every day. I'm lucky for every moment, the places I see and the incredible people that share it with me. Making art is both my greatest expression and my life work. I will keep releasing it wherever I am, forever.... For many of my works, I pick up a colour pastel, or paint & brush that feels right and start painting, with no idea what will be created. Sometimes it ’ s relaxed, other times a frenzy. If there is no pastel or paint and I can sketch thoughts in another medium, then I'm compelled to before they are lost, waiting for the moment to continue in colour and size. In full swing, I seem drawn to certain colours from whatever assortment I have on hand. I work them into the canvas or paper and blend where it feels needed. The sensation is a flow, feeling natural - I love it. I ’ m often unable to stop until the piece is finished, no matter how long that may be. At the end, even if exhausted, I like to sit back and just look in pleasure, discovering the image, triggering thoughts of what each element and layer means. It seems like a gift and a freedom. Although I sometimes use different materials such as acrylic, watercolour, enamel and ink, I ’ ve been using soft pastels for over 25 years. It was one of the ‘ finds ’ of my life. Unlocking a way to release vivid colour, thoughts and emotions fast enough to feel the connection. I transfer this to other m é diums when i ´ m working in often unconventional techniques. Works are scattered throughout the world. It's not possible to repeat a piece, nor would I know where it started or finished. I hope you take a long look, read into my pictures, perhaps find something that bonds with your own feelings and mystery of life... and most importantly enjoy. Artist: Luca Soulos

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