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Yoko Kitazaki

Yoko Kitazaki



Yoko Kitazaki was born in Kyoto and learned oil painting from an early age. She loved the layered colors of “Water Lilies” drawn by Monet, and she wanted to express the changing light.
She majored in dyeing at Kyoto City University of Arts, and in the past, dyeing and oil painting were the means of expression.
With the changes in the world in 2020, she began to create abstract paintings using acrylic paints. Monet's colors and the dyeing design still influences her expression.
Her current activities are exhibited at European Art Group exhibitions.
And, she belongs to JCAT in New York as an artist. ※JCAT=Japanese Contemporary Artist Team
The theme of her production is based on duality and contains the message of “Seeing the whole phenomenon from the viewpoint of the mind.”
As a feature of the work, she changes the smooth paints to “movement, flow, luster, lumps, and cracks” and so on. This is due to her idea of rebonding the pigments.


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