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Yoko Kitazaki




Title: Awakening
Year: May 2021
Size: 53x53x2cm
Technique: abstract painting technique and fluid acrylic art technique, with Acrylic gouache on wrapping canvas

The shadow of the Earth covers the full moon and creates a lunar eclipse.
That shadow contains everything that exists on the Earth. Not only lands and the open sea but also human beings, animals and plants. All their souls overlap with the full moon and the portal to another dimension opens. The space gets distorted and the moonlight gets shoved into the darkness. Then the red moon mirror that reflects the demon world appears as the sky turns into an alternate space. What kind of future do you see in the mirror?
Do you have any prejudice or discrimination that you can't tell? Reflect yourself in this mirror and see the heart that cannot "COMING OUT”. And ,“Awakening” to create a better future.

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