Megan Morgan




Title: Pacifico
Year Completed: 2019
Size: two sizes available (609.6mm W x 762mm H, or, 762mm W x 1143mm H)
Technical: Tusche Wash Painting


Megan’s original peaceful buddha tusche wash painting artwork, Pacifico, features a free flowing meditative buddha image in shades of ocean blue and green. Pacifico is one of Megan’s early ‘superwet’ tusche wash paintings, dramatically increasing the difficulty to control the blending of colors.

“Pacifico was created within a moment of peace in creating an artwork to command a feeling of calmness through the loosely flowing blend of colors. There is a strength within the peaceful presentation.
The fluid blue and green hues remind me of the ocean and experiencing the meditative wave action while sitting on the sandy beach in the warmth of the Southern California sun with my family.”