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Planes of Elusive Dreams
Katherine Noone

Planes of Elusive Dreams



Title: Planes of Elusive Dreams
Year: 2021 (March)
Size: 45.72 cm x 60.96 cm
Technique: Abstract, acrylic painting on canvas.

This is an abstract, acrylic painting on canvas filled with lines, rectangles and squares, flowing in a certain pattern. This vibrant painting, featuring blue, purple, orange, and turquoise, is an intuitive, imaginative piece with a fair amount of brightness and contrast. The painting is structured, geometric and a bit rigid—more so than Katie’s other paintings—showing the beauty in structure and imperfections. The interpretation of the artwork is left up to the viewer. Titled “Planes of Elusive Dreams,” the inspiration for this painting comes from the places, people, goals and other situations we move towards in our dreams. At times, however, we wake up just before we reach what we are searching for. The painting not only represents our dreams, but also the irony of reality, in which things we really want are just outside of our reach at times. The layers in the painting were inspired by the layers in our minds, and the organized chaos there. It was also inspired by the various directions we take in our lives, and how when we have the freedom to choose a life direction, it gives us a sense of hope. The texture within the painting represents the parts of life that are rustic and imperfect, while also beautiful. There is a sense of freedom this artwork represents. The artist was able to create this artwork and get into a flow state, where she felt free and happy. There is a vibrancy and exuberance present in life that is exhibited in this painting.

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