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Vibeke Haviken

Vibeke Haviken



I am on a creative learning journey, and it sets my soul on fire!

I have always loved to be creative. Throughout my life I have got energy from creating and craft-ing. In 2021 I started my visual art journey. My passion is people, emotions and expressions. I am drawn to figurative compositions, and still explore my own voice.

I live and work in Oslo in Norway. My creative side can seem surprising to some people as my background is Master of Mathematics. I have spent my professional career at two of the largest Tech companies in the world.

Now at 48 years old, I believe to found in visual art what will be lifelong true passion. With visu-al artworks I can have a voice, express feelings and set focus on important issues.

I work with both acrylic and oils, and often in combination. I like to work on a medium to large canvas as it gives a feeling of freedom and challenge.


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