Anne-Gaëlle ELIE




Title: Rhinoceros
Year: 2021
Size: 40 cm * 50 cm with frame (21 cm * 29,7 cm unframed)
Technique: Acrylic, archival ink, markers on paper

This work is part of the "Modern Bestiary" series. It’s all about freedom in my work, and how the quests for beauty and freedom are closely linked. If we are ready to see A quest to see beyond reality and perhaps discover another meaning. It’s also a nod to Ionesco’s famous play. Litera-ture has always accompanied me and participates in my creative process. How to remain human today? By resisting the ambient “rhinoceritis”? By refusing that some men threaten other spe-cies, like the rhinoceros? Probably both, by
cherishing the best of human nature.