Beauty is power?
Suhun Kim

Beauty is power?



Title: Beauty is power?
Year: 2021
Size: 21x29,7 cm
Technique: Photoshop

"What did I do so wrong? In my next life, I will be born a hedgehog. So even if I have thorns all over my body, I will be recognized for my existence and loved."
People talk about beauty as if it were power, but they bully people who have it as if they were sinners. So I wanted to ask those who disparaged beauty as power, "Is the beauty of someone you don't have a sin?” The flowers around woman are Delfinium. Delphinium's Korean flower language is 'Why do you hate me?' and 'I'll make you happy.’ Is there a flower that fits better than this? I want all of you to be happy just the way you are!