Suhun Kim
Digital artist

Suhun Kim

Digital artist


I am an illustrator in Korea.
The stories I write and draw have a big framework called 'honest and rude, nevertheless'.
I write and draw the feelings and thoughts that we all saw, heard, thought, and felt at least once.
In other words, I tell the story of me, you, all of us. Quite straightforward.

We all live by influencing each other, big and small.
So we have memories of something, like it or not.
I would paraphrase it in comparison to the characteris-tics of things.
Especially, I get a lot of ideas from the flower lan-guage and characteristics of flowers.
Different countries have different flower languages and different people have different feelings and thoughts, but I write and draw my picture saying, "This is what I think."
And I feel the greatest satisfaction and happiness when I hear that my works give comfort, strength, courage, and sometimes relief to someone.

Maybe I'd like to tell you through stories like someone's diary, not just me.
We can all be happy, and we're worth it.
I would also like to say that we should not live forever suffering from the stories and wounds that we each have.
We can live as we are.
It doesn't have to be something or have to be some-one.
I want everyone to know that.


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