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Mermaid Dreams
Sunny Altman

Mermaid Dreams



Mermaid Dreams
20cm x 25cm Cradled Wood Panel
Acrylic Paint, Pastel and Copper Leaf
The power of the women in the foreground is synthesized in her direct gaze. The cold and gaudy colors of the decorations on her head and around her figure are in contrast with the warm and calm colors of her complexion and background context. The use of marine elements in the decoration is closely linked to the concept of the vastness of the ocean that encompasses wonders and dangers together, thanks to this concept the artist's will itself shows the grace and strength of the portrayed figure. The mermaid as a mythological creature represents magic and beauty that lives in our imagination, but in different cultures, the figure of the mermaid is also dangerous since sailors had to be careful not to approach these creatures. The fascination of what is dangerous brings us closer to the subject as humans are attracted by the “sublime'', the direct and serious gaze of the mermaid wants to convey her sufferings, but also her inner strength and her total will to live. The artist "discovers" herself in her painting as the supportive and strong woman who is in the representation of what is strength and will together.

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