Sunny Altman

Sunny Altman



Sunny Altman is a mixed media artist, designer and art educator working from her
home studio in a cottage on the beach in southern California. She draws inspiration
from the natural beauty that surrounds her, travel and the human experiences that
can’t be seen. Sunny paints intuitively, through her brilliant use of color, layers of
various marks, her paintings are a visual pep talk, inviting the viewer to be inspired
to delight in the beauty and joy of life.
“Painting is always where I come home to myself and open my heart to conscious
dreaming. Where I hear the whispers of my soul nudging me. As an intuitive painter,
I paint in a meditative flow. Using mixed media, each mark leads to another, layering
marks and textures, giving the painting rich, saturated pigment and depth. There is a
specific energy and feeling I tap into with each piece of work
When I paint, I take time to honor moments of reflection, allowing room to grow,
moving through the transitions of the painting. I like to take time to explore a
concept in great depth; I immerse myself in the idea, through research, travel, books,
music and experimentation. I spend years developing a body of work, interweaving
ideas and concepts, while working on multiple series of paintings in unison.
Currently, I have three ongoing series of paintings: Divine Feminine, Dream Garden
and Earth & Sea. Although the work is compartmentalized into three separate series,
they are all related, through my use of color, imagery and in the commonality of
expressing my love and adoration for Mother Earth and the beauty and light in
humanity. My intention is to spread a joyful awareness through my paintings,
inspiring positive change. My work is intended to be a reminder that each new day
is full of enormous possibility, to linger in the heartfelt moments and to be a seeker
of light.”