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Born and raised in Hiroshima on 24 February 1983, he moved to Tokyo in 2001 when he entered the University of Tokyo's Science I department.
D. in health sciences at the University of Tokyo's Faculty of Medicine and established an IT consulting company in 2011.
He became a leading figure in the big data analysis and data science industry, utilising his specialisation in statistics.
In 2018, he started painting in earnest in between consulting assignments.
His activities outside painting are described in the ISSEI ARCHIVE.

Maternal great-grandfather was a Buddhist monk and carved the Five Hundred Arhats statue at Jizoji Temple, No. 5 on the 88 visits to Shikoku. Grandfather was an oil painter. Paternal great-grandfather was a shipbuilder in Hiroshima and grandfather was a rotary engine engineer for Mazda.

2019.8. start drawing the Moments series - Animals
2019.3. start drawing the Moments series - Landscapes
2018.6. begin drawing the Hyokoani series
2018.5. begin painting Imagine series
2003. painted oil paintings (abstract) under the influence of a friend, then painted several abstract paintings until 2018
1998. paints her first oil painting (landscape) in a junior high school class


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