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Lena Silva




Title: SERENITY Laughing eyes, sapphire 
 Seas of warm compassion 
 Lighting the heart 
 Embracing the spirit 
 Reminding me why I feel so sure 
 I have been blessed 
 With love so pure 

 Pure like a passion, alive 
 Thriving- a fire inside 
 Desire so tantalizing it screams 
 Through the silence 
 In dreams, inspiring 
 Butterflies fluttering, flying 
 Within, where music rises 
 Enhancing whispers 
 That soothe and satisfy 

 Feathery soft touch 
 On naked thoughts, coloured 
 Lilac blue, blushing rose 
 Breath of hope 
 Whispering across sunsets 
 Drenched in satisfaction 
 Melting moist morning dewdrops 
 With a dawn so sensational 
 It raises sunlight 
 To praise 
 Poem by Regina McIntosh Artwork on watercolour fine texture paper, cold press, 100% cellulose by Daler & Rowney. Mediums: Golden Acrylics, Derwent soft pastels pencil and D’Artigny fixative. Dimensions: 42 cm x 30 cm (unframed) Year: 2020 Artist: Lena Silva

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