Golden Mines
Ross Fuel

Golden Mines



Title: Golden Mines
Year: 2021
Size: 110 x 80 cm
Technique: Mixed media

The work is inspired by African cultures, their passion, color and vitality.
The canvas aims to be filled to the brim with bright emotions that are expressed in contrasting colors. A game of black and white, a contrast of lively shades, and a soothing light green background. All this gives the image a unique and enthralling appearance, which conveys the energy of this captivating continent.
The use of fabrics and textures hopes to give a touch of authenticity, and refers to the national headdresses of women across the continent. The implementation of red seeks to represent passion and rebellion. This is effectively coupled with drips of color, meant to emphasize Fuel’s personal style, which is notable throughout various series of works in 2021.