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Ross Fuel

Ross Fuel



My name is Ross. I'm 27 y. o. I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Like any child, I loved to draw, especially with markers, because of the brightness and juiciness of their pigment. Making impulsive movements, I often drew bright, unusual monsters. Over time, a childhood hobby remained in the past, markers were replaced with textbooks, and all the free time was devoted to studying, which, depending on the subject, either caused wild de-light and interest or boredom and apathy. During the summer holidays, I made a couple or at-tempts to return to drawing, but they ended with the beginning of the school year. As a result, this childhood passion was forgotten for many years. Then there were years of self-searching, traveling the world and studying acting. At that time I was living the act and looking forward to the next lesson in the studio, each lesson carried me through the rollercoaster of feelings and emotions. I moved to Israel in 2009. Since then I live here, I upcoming and self-taught artist, ex-plore concepts of movement and energy. But here comes 2020, along with the corona crisis and quarantine. And I am left one on one with myself in the apartment, without an opportunity to act, but with a wild desire to create. At the same time, I started micro dosing to get to know myself and my feelings better... Suddenly, on an intuitive level, I began to draw with pastel that I found at home, simply re-drawing the surrounding reality. One day a message comes to me from the depths of my consciousness: "Start learning to draw", accompanied by an unbearable desire to postpone everything I was doing at that time and draw. Immediately I found a course and plunged into the process, improving my skills day by day. Gradually, I began to form my own style – bright, bold colors, made with impulsive strokes, throwing colors and juicy drips. When I draw, I feel that I am returning to childhood and giving space to creativity to my inner child, who once loved to do it so much. I work in abstract and pop-art style works. Utilizing a variety of mediums from acrylic and spray paint to torn books and textiles, I expresse my per-ception of nature, shamanic ceremonies, social crises, and beyond. Great part of my works was created during performances with dancers, transmitting their energy and spontaneity on the canvas.

Artist statement:
My works are a visual version of movement and energy, or rather my way of conveying my love for movement and dancing through a completely different, partly even opposite type of art. In my works I express my feelings, energy, love, passion and even mystical experience. The colors that I select for each of the works seem to come from within and ask themselves to pour out on-to the canvas, unceremoniously and even brazenly, boldly declaring: "this is where we belong”. And I'm just a conductor between the energy of inspiration and its physical embodiment. My hand is often compared to an energetic dancer of modern ballet, who spins in pirouettes on a canvas stage, sometimes impulsively, sometimes smoothly maneuvering on the surface. I am in-spired by traveling, cultures and experiences that I acquire, whether it is a hike in the mountains, a shamanic ceremony, a music festival, a theatrical performance or simple conversation with pos-itive people. And of course movement, movement, movement...
A significant part of my works was written during performances with the participation of danc-ers, thus creating a powerful connection between the world of dance and drawing, between in-troversion and extroversion, between people and colors.I draw to inspire! I believe that each of us leaves a trace in history and imprints in the memory of people in his or her life. My goal is to inspire thousands of people around the world to make these prints in the memory of their loved ones as vivid as my paintings! Throughout my career as an artist, I'm inspired by expressionists and pop art artists, maybe not by the style itself, but by their liveliness and passion, as well as their courage to break patterns.


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