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Currents And Coast
Nadia Tarlow

Currents And Coast



Title: Currents And Coast
Year: 2022
Size: 61x76cm
Technique: Acrylic paint on canvas

“Currents And Coast” is a more minimalist piece, inspired by a perspective from out on the ocean, when I observed the jungle’s edge where it met the sea. The light reflected off of the sand and the misty, moist jungle, was so powerful and meditative, while the currents of the ocean swept around beneath and all around me. It was the power of that moment, the experience of awe of those natural elements, the way one can feel so small next to those massive bodies of sea and earth that I convey to viewers in a meditative, healing way. Visually, there is a life that emanates out of the wash of color and texture, and the simplicity of the two planes, like a Rothko, offer a challenge to see what more naturally presents itself.

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