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Year of Execution:
-Edition I: 2020
-Edition II: 2021
Medium: Photograph, Print on Metal Plate
Technique: Dye Sublimation Printing
Material: Micro Polymer Coated Aluminium Plate
Dimension (cm):
-Edition I: Width 101.6 x Height 152.4 x Depth 0.12
-Edition II: Width 61 x Height 91.4 x Depth 0.12
Price on request
Note: This series of artwork is currently available in two sizes; Edition I (Ed No I-7/11) and Edition II (Ed No II-5/11).

When we pay attention to the outline of ordinary objects in our daily lives, we sometimes notice an unexpected and interesting form.
One day, I was casually playing with a fork in my hand, and I couldn't take my eyes off its curved shape. Its elongated shape with a curved tip evoked for me a sense of serenity like Der Tote Christus im Grabe*1 by Hans Holbein, a sense of enigma like Caress*2 by Fernand Khnopff, and a sense of sensuality like a differentiable function*3 in a sophisticated mathematical formula.
In order to give permanence to this momentary impression, I decided to restrain the fork on a wood panel and cover it with a piece of leather.
I deprived the fork of its signifié and function as a cutlery and left only its outline behind by embossing it on the leather.
Then, I shot this outline of the fork as a photographic work in order to "resurrect" it in a viewer's mind as a conceptual image that recalls something different from its original existence as a fork, by connecting it with the viewer's thoughts and memories.
Through this execution of crucifixion as an artistic initiation, the outline, which used to be a fork, acquires metaphysical "Deadness" and "Resurrection".

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