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Handicraft Artist


Handicraft Artist


Trans-disciplinary artist

Established in 2019, Jeu. is an art duo consisting of an architect Hideaki NISHIMURA and
a manicurist Yumi TOYAMA.
The purpose of Jeu.'s artistic activities is to discover and demonstrate a different way of thinking, feeling, and looking at things by playing with the unseen laws and structures of the universe lurking in the depth of our perception in our everyday life—which we name DEEP REALITY—.
For this reason, our artistic manifesto is "PLAY WITH DEEP REALITY", and through various media —sculpture, drawing, photography, video, installation, architecture, and land art—, created by integrating the knowledge and skills that each of us specializes in such as mathematics, physics, architectonics, anatomy, cosmetology and chromatics, we attempt to embody our artistic plays —interactions, dialogues, thoughts and interpretations etc.— with DEEP REALITY.


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