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Trust of the leaves
Rosana Kossatz

Trust of the leaves



Title: Trust of the leaves
Size: 70 x 80 cm
Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Subjectivity was more than evident in this work entitled: Sacrifice.. The artist’s imagination brought to light various interpretative versions of sacrifice as an acting personality of the human soul. Greater moment, where the reflections always lead to the some point; “the act of reconnecting”. A constant search to gather points until reaching the perfect ideal transmitted by faith. That faith that must be watched over and cultivated throughout the entire human journey on earth. Confidence in o greater good, always gleaming around every corner, finally remembering that evil is lurking, ready to attack. Steal the soul of the one who didn’t protect it. We are then led to believe that we must keep the sentinel to protect our precious asset which is the human soul. This artistic expression brings light, spiritual comfort, protection and resilience.

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