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Then It Happened
Kat Hamilton

Then It Happened



Title: Then It Happened Size: 24”x36” (60.96cm x 91.44cm) Technique: Acrylic and Oil on Canvas “Then It Happened” is a painting of great significance to me. It marks a moment of change in my life. A moment where I felt a great sense of clarity. I’ve grown up with the romanitized view on how an artist lives and constantly creates uninterrupted. It wasn’t until I became an artist myself that I truly understood what it meant to be an artist. I felt completely stuck. After reviewing my work as a whole, realizing what I truly believed in and some intense soul searching, I had a revelation. EUREKA!!! I found out what I needed to know. A moment of ecstasy showered me and I could not stop creating since then. This painting represents my immense love for creating and finding my purpose in life. Artist: Kat Hamilton

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