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Oslo at night
Oda Loui

Oslo at night



Title: Oslo at night
Year: 2020
Size: Painting: 70x100. Prints: 70x100, 50x70, A3
Technique: Painting: acryl on cotton canvas. Fine art prints: Hanemühle White Velvet 270, 300 g/m2)

Many people think differences are scary. Many people want others to think they are fol-lowing the norms and rules in their society, so that they can avoid standing out of the ma-jority. Yet all human beings have aspects of themselves that do not correspond with the majority. Whether there are small or large violations of norms we may try to hide these to avoid being discovered or revealed, or even worse: getting socially banned from society. But in the shadows of majority everyone breaks the rules.
What do you really know about the ordinary lady in the street? And what does she really know about you?

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