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Nicola Morea




Title: Fluxus
Size: cm. 100x100
Technique: Acrylics on Canvas
Year: 2023

Critical text by Silvia Grassi Art Curator:
The works of Nicola Morea are a vibrant journey through the colorful chaos and fluid structure that characterize his “Flow Art 4.0” series, showcased in this solo exhibition. Morea's paintings, influenced by Zygmunt Bauman's concept of liquid modernity, reflect a society in perpetual change, a world flowing without ever crystallizing into permanent forms. The philosophical connection with Bauman's thought is palpable, as each canvas becomes a microcosm of continuous movement and uninterrupted transformation, symbolizing the individual's challenge to keep pace with a time that seems to constantly elude them. Observing the works, it is evident that for Morea, “painting is an incurable disease whose medicine is work.” This statement resonates in the artist's relentless exploration of the pictorial medium, through which he seeks to cure his inner restlessness and address the questions posed by modernity. His works, with vivid colors and bold mixtures, reflect a deep study of color and its interactions, knowledge matured over fifty years of dedication and artistic research. The result is a mastery in the manipulation of the pictorial material, where each drop of color seems to have its own life, expanding and merging in ways that only an artist with profound technical and theoretical knowledge can orchestrate. Morea's technical commitment is equally evident in the complexity of the compositions. The colors meet on the canvas in a glossy and perpetual embrace, and Morea, through his technique, is able to amplify the luminosity of the colors, inviting the viewer to a deeper contemplation. His works are thus not only visual representations but immersive experiences that unfold under attentive observation and transform depending on the light and perspective. The titles of the works are emblematic and give us a key to understanding. The color moves on the canvas like waterways, which flows freely, sinuous, incessant. Colors are the protagonists, they express themselves, they communicate with each other and with those who observe them in a harmonious way. The flow of energy is truly incessant and overwhelming for those who find themselves in front of Nicola's works. The indelible traces of color on the canvas also become indelible traces in the soul of those who dialogue with the work with an open heart. The reflections and brilliance of the color infuse and immerse us in the colored light that illuminates the world, or at least that corner of the world that we carve out for ourselves the moment we come into contact with Nicola's works. Ultimately, Morea's canvases are a living testament to art's relentless quest to adapt and respond to the changes of our time. Through his “Flow Art 4.0,” the artist not only documents the fluidity of contemporary society but also celebrates its complexity and intrinsic beauty, inviting viewers to reflect on their position and perception in a constantly changing world.

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