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Christiane Hümpfner
Digital Artist

Christiane Hümpfner

Digital Artist


My name is Christiane Hümpfner, I am a self-taught artist and have been creating digital art since 2013.
The focus of my designed artworks are the photographs of North Rhine-Westphalia's in-dustrial culture.
Here you have the opportunity to travel back into our industrial history. A bridge is built between the past and the present. Through my designed artworks also into an imagina-tive future.
With the joy of creativity and experimental image processing, I am able to set the images I have photographed in motion through several programmes. To bring them "into flow", so to speak. To transform them into unique, imaginatively designed digital works of art, each of which remains a hand-signed one-of-a-kind.

I was born in Bremen on 18 August 1959.
I would have liked to study art and architecture, but this wish was not supported by my family, although I had the prerequisites for it.
So I trained as a nursery school teacher. My work began in a socially deprived area of Bremen. Later I led an integrative group and did an additional psychomotor training.
Abstract painting was my hobby with which I could paint everything off my mind.
In 1992 I moved to Hesse because of love, where I got married. In 1994 our daughter Laura was born, an absolute dream child.
At first I worked in a Frankfurt day-care centre as an educator. Later I managed this institu-tion for many years.
The focus of my work was creativity, movement and dance. It has always given me great pleasure to accompany children on their way into life and to support them in their thirst for knowledge.
Shortly after my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly at the beginning of 2011, I took early retirement.
My daughter, who took me everywhere with her through her sporting activities, awak-ened my passion for photography and brought me back to life. She is a wonderful person. This is also where the beginnings of my digital art were born.
Through my photography I also met my current partner, he shares the fun and joy of this hobby with me. From our holidays together, my enthusiasm for industrial museums devel-oped and my digital art evolved.


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