Moments of happiness
Christiane Hümpfner

Moments of happiness



Title: Moments of happiness
Year: 2022
Size: 80x80,4cm (inner dimensions), 80,2x 80,6cm (outer dimensions)
Technique: Acrylic glass Ultra HD

The light, unbreakable material enhances the effect and emphasises the colour brilliance and depth of the pictures. Ultra HD emphasises the finest details.
On the back, each picture is hand-signed and provided with a QR code containing the name and number of the picture.
The buyer has the freedom to decide on the size as it is made at the time of purchase;
80,2 x 80,6 cm 1820.- €
90,2 x 90,7 cm 2695.-€
100,2 x 100,7 cm 3210.-€

The image "Moments of happiness" was created from the adjacent photograph of an industrial machine, which was taken by me in the industrial culture of North Westphalia.
When I take photographs, I shoot the machine from a variety of angles in order to have as diverse a selection of images as possible, because not every image is suitable for image processing. Although photography is an intuitive work, you discover so many interesting things when you take a closer look. When I create a new image, I work with different image editing programs. The picture first goes through several filters, is mirrored....rotated.....distorted and I look at what emerges, this is also a very intuitive work from which the most diverse blanks for new pictures emerge. In the design it is important to me, for example in industrial pictures, that small details remain recognizable.
I use different colour filters or prisms or I put the same picture, which was processed by me in a different way, over the picture again, there are no limits to the imagination.
I change the colour in different ways and see what looks best. Sometimes I also use spectral filters. It is an experimental work. It means trying out different things and seeing what comes out of it and what suits the image. Being creative is the most beautiful thing in the world. Until a picture is finally finished, intermediate steps have to be saved again and again, because no picture can be reconstructed. The pictures I design are made exclusively on the computer, they are not painted, you could say it is an NFT. I call it DigitalArt and sell it as such. Each painting is and remains unique. It is hand-signed on the back and has a QR code with the name and number of the painting.