Climate Apocalypse
Steffi Rodigas

Climate Apocalypse



Title: Climate Apocalypse
Size: 100cm x 160cm x 10cm
Technique: Acrylic on canvas, with 3D- elements

With the polar bear on the too-small melting ice floe, an unstoppable catastrophe begins that continues in devastating floods and disappearances of islands. The young man trying to hold up the earth is representative of the poor everywhere. For they are the ones who are always hit first by disaster. On the one hand there is too much water and in return there is a lack of it elsewhere on the earth, leading to droughts, famine and all-consuming fires, leaving a parched, unusable earth. The proliferation of insects that destroy crops and cause other mischief are also among the effects of global warming. Some elements, like the polar bear, the earth, the desert and the buildings in the picture are worked three-dimensionally to increase the menace.