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Steffi Rodigas

Steffi Rodigas



I have spent most of my life practicing various professions, including that of teacher, social pedagogue, director, entrepreneur and educator of my three children. But art has always been in my heart! That's why a few years ago I broke with all conventions, quit my job and since then I've done what I wanted to do: express my feelings, thoughts and ideas with art and music. Since 2018 I have been working as a freelance artist. My deep connection with nature, animals and love for detail is reflected in my artistic work.
However, I don't allow myself to get stuck, I work with a wide variety of colors and techniques and try everything, up to creating sculptures. The recurring themes can be animals, landscapes or humans. The only thing that is important to me in everything is to plumb the soul, the state of mind and make it tangible in my works.
I also express my emotions and opinions on world events, such as climate change, in my other works of art.
I have developed a special kind of art and I call it "ART in ART". With color as the main element, I combine my love of realistic painting with a form of abstraction. Numerous small works of art with colorful expressiveness harmonize to form a complete work, which recognizes a motif or gives free rein to the imagination.
The paintings in this series will soon be exhibited in Venice, Madrid and Paris. In Germany I have had 7 solo exhibitions so far and I have participated in numerous group exhibitions.

Art gives me the chance to express my deep feelings and concerns which the overwhelming beau-ty of nature as well as its dramatic threat trigger in me, in color and form using a wide variety of techniques.


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