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Samia Rashid Hai




Title: Fortitude..
Year: July, 2021
Size: 12x18 inch
Technique: acrylic on canvas, palette knives

She is broken, beaten, insulted, humiliated, taken for granted, unloved, unwanted, cheated, lied to, blamed for not having a child, blamed for being single, blamed for being divorce, passed on for a promotion, laughed at for being too fat or too skinny, too dark or too fair, cursed at for being independent and outspoken… Yet she gets up everyday, puts on her red lipstick, wears her favorite pair of heels and her perfume to start her day. Trying to look happy and trying to hide her pain and bruises given to her by the world and her loves ones. Putting on the councillor under her eyes to hide her dark circles that she got for not sleeping in peacefully for days! Those tired eyes, that broken smile and the broken yet courageous heart, she is all of us in one way or another..

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