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Gro Heining

Gro Heining



I am a self-taught Norwegian painter, b. 1949. Drawing and painting have always been a way of ex-pressing myself. My first exhibition was in 1982, with more than 45 exhibitions in Norway, USA, Spain and Italy.
Today, looking back, I am very thankful of finding knowledge and inspiration in Norway at Oslo Painting School (1985) and Olav Mosebekk Drawing and Painting School (1996) and painting work-shops in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (1991). I spent several years in the colorful scenery and culture of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Arriving for the first time in 1987, it was for me as if return-ing to my crea-tive origins. Exhibitions, book illustration and animal design for T-shirts influ-enced my growth as an artist.
I work with various techniques: acrylic, collage, water based oil, oil pastel, water color and mixed me-dia, both on paper and canvas. Giclée prints are also available.
Since 2014, I have been sharing time between a mountain village in Andalucia, Spain and my home base in Norway. I harvest ideas for new paintings when I am relating to the polarities of different cul-tures, light and landscapes. Nature is my primary inspiration. Painting for me is meditative state of be-ing, connecting to the elements and the rhythm of nature, weaving dreams and visions into the images. I like to think of my paintings as gifts from the spiritual realm revealed after journey to the land of in-trospection. Welcome to traces of my vision.

M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan, Italy.

International Prize Dante Alighieri, 2021.
Collector’s Vision International Art Award, 2021, Contemporary Art Curator Magazine


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