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Show me your worst
Rim R. Elias

Show me your worst



Title: Show me your worst
Year Completed: 2021
Size: 25x40 cm
Technical: Mixed Technics, water, Acrylic colors and ink

“This is a continuously changing painting. It started with sea waves reflecting the sunset, it was given a face after two years. The face kept changing until I found out I have been drawing my own face over the years. the painting has developed in a very different direction in 2022 after an accident that almost killed me. It shows the two sides of me. the exhausted side, that is affected by what I always experience, and the calm recovering side that knows only how to find solutions and fight. The sunlight on the right symbolizes hope, which I cannot live without. The flowers are the blossoming choices I make even in the darkest times. Every other small detail talks about something. The painting will continue to develop in the next few years for sure. I'm looking forward to the experiences that will be documented on it. Life can show me its worst and am ready!”

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