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Lucia Debévère (LuciArt)

Lucia Debévère (LuciArt)



I am a passionate French and Colombian artist, I have been drawing and painting since I was 5 years old. I painted my first oil painting when I was 10.
Graduated with a master's degree in art and humanities and another in sustainable devel-opment, I am fascinated by human relations and the environment. I have been painting and drawing for more than 10 years, the interactions between humans and their environ-ment, both in construction and destruction. These impulses of life and death, intimately mixed, I represent them through acrylic painting, painting with oil and mixed media (pen-cil, collage, inks, modeling paste, etc.). I use contrasts and plays of light and shadow to create dramatic paintings.
I exhibit in the north and south of France and also abroad.
You can follow me on my social networks and on my website.

Degrees: Art and social sciences Master degree
One year of art school: Lille


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