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Fantasy・Standing painter
Lin Shih-Hsiung

Fantasy・Standing painter



Title: Fantasy・Standing painter
Year Completed: 2019
Size: 91 x 116.5 cm
Technical: Oil paint and Canvas

There is a woman's body in the middle. She is the mother of the Earth and has no head because the head is just a mask, reflecting the mode of human likes and dislikes. The body is the real essence. Her breasts are facing right, and her hips are also facing right, which is a human distortion. There is a blackbird, in front of Mother Earth, flying towards her, trying to absorb her nourishment. Black represents corruption because we cannot see or understand it. There are two paintings on the easel in the middle. In the painting below, an artist is painting the world on the left Zhuliu Old Trail, using a line to connect, extend and explore. The painting above is the estuary of the Taroko Gorge. The river flows out from the inside of the picture, which means that the artist hopes that the human heart is broad, so the human being (artist) pastes the paintings into his heart to express his respect for Nature.

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