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Shahd AlMutawa




Title: Transcendence
Year: 2020
Size: 60x70 cm
Technique: Oil on Canvas
Surrealism, Abstract

Short description: Inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's study of forms and Salvador Dali’s dreamscapes, this oil painting is a sophisticated piece that utilizes a red and gold themed color palette, psychologically invoking the sense of desire, strife and sizzling energy. The painting reflects timeless exuberance and elevates the viewers’ consciousness about the profoundness of life. The piece ultimately exudes a sense of abstraction and symbolism, so I wish to leave the overall interpretation to the viewer.
The ideation of the painting stemmed from Aurora’s song “It Happened Quiet”


Words falling out through the window
All that remains is a silent call
Is the earth coloured red?
As I land like a flower on the meadow
Love is wild
You fell apart
Like a stone can be broken into sand
A thousand pieces
Spread across a crying land
And you can't remember that day
But you know it happened quiet
So quiet

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